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What Hero Team and Government Support Organization Would You Prefer? 

1 deviant said Avengers/SHIELD
1 deviant said Autobots/NEST
No deviants said Justice League/ARGUS
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Centurion Front View (Grayscale) by RobertMisirian
Centurion Front View (Grayscale)
This is my first drawing in Sketchbook Pro. It's a great tool and I recommend you look in to it. :) I might do a color version in the future.
I've been thinking for a while about whether I should go into only writing or do both art and writing. I talked with my therapist today about it and he said I had a better chance of getting in the industry sooner if I were a writer working on my own animations. My former art instructor, Charles Zembillas, along with my dad and a few other people I know or have known agree with this as well as the fact that writing was my strength. 

I want to determine the art style and shots of my animations, but my artwork is actually very rough. Could I really do rough sketches and storyboards to do that? Could you do determine the art style and shots even without that? I mean, if I were running the animation, would how would I decide which style the show would be would it be? Does this apply for professional animation?

What do you guys think?
Disco Grim by RobertMisirian
Disco Grim
I used this tutorial for to make a glow effect (…). However, it turned out rather differently so I settled with this cool background color instead. 
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I was thinking about doing a webcomic a few times in the past. I was recommended to start doing a webcomic to gain a following and fanbase. Really, I believe it's not gonna be easy if I start committing to something ongoing. Recently I was told that I had to prepare myself for exhausting, maybe incapacitating hours of work for the fans. In any and every project, whether it's my own stuff or Transformers, my first and foremost priority would be quality of the work. My artwork might not be good, but I hear it wouldn't matter in the case of webcomics as long as they appeal to the audience, and the audience is strong. I've even seen a couple of comics drawn either with stick figures or generally crudely drawn. 

So with that said, I'd like to introduce my anthology webcomic series called Atrex Adventures. It's a compilation of different series of short stories featuring all my high concept properties. Now I don't want this to be how people remember my works. This is to gain an audience for them. I want my ideas to be most well-known for their premieres in the mediums I want to pitch for each of them, whether owned by a major studio or my own. 

Among the ideas you'll see in the comic include the following:

. Vanguard- a team of government-employed superheroes who use extreme and controversial methods and force to deal with a whole rogues gallery of sociopaths while trying not to become as evil as the villains they fight.

. Reinforcements- an Avengers-like superhero team consisting of a founding team of six high profile Pinatrix Universe superheroes. They are joined by many later heroes as their adventures go on.

. Combatants of the Century- a team of teenage martial artists who get the powers of Century Chi while training under a wise and immensely powerful being. They fight to protect the Century Chi from the evil Omarian Empire while learning to overcome each of their counterproductive, dangerous shortcomings and gain enlightenment. 

. Zoostars- a reality show of anthro-animals to which Larry Lion is invited by his brother. They compete for $2,000,000,000 

. Virtua Guy- a doofus named Greg Damon who gets zapped with radiation in his eyes and now hallucinates to see himself in entirely different worlds than the real world. He goes on crazy, hilarious adventures in those other worlds that cause mayhem in the real world and get himself in trouble.

. Grim Gang- a group of four kids that go to the underworld through a hole in their town of Grimmsburg. They go on many crazy adventures.

. Jack Inferno of Ash- an alien warrior prince named Jack Inferno whose race searches for a new home and lands on Earth. Jack and his family get a home on Earth to see if their race can coexist with humans.

. Octavia the Odious- a chaotic and unruly princess from a dimension inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, gothic horror, and Hell who gets banished to Earth after she gets too unruly. She makes new friends and enemies on Earth, but they both suffer from her destructive nature.

. And much, much more!

In the long run, I hope to gain the following to turn these ideas into animated shorts/game prototypes/short films and gain more exposure for my ideas. All I can say now is wish me luck. If there's any full entertainment project I'll put out these days, it's this. I just hope this works. 


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Robert Misirian
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I am an aspiring media creator seeking to work in comics, animation, video games, and movies. I will make my own versions of various preexisting franchises (dream products in all these four mediums for Marvel, DC Comics, G.I Joe, Transformers, TMNT, Star Wars, etc.) and make my own comic book relaunches of the Marvel and DC universes. I also plan to work on new projects for various big existing companies if new ideas come, and maybe create new ones for them to be used as projects.

I will also start creating my own cash cow franchises and money-printing companies and later merge them all together to form the next big media conglomerate. I have an entire list of ideas I created for these franchises, but I would not tell you unless you genuinely and sincerely wouldn't take it and claim you made it (sorry if I was being offensive this way).

I know. Ambition is my greatest aspect besides my kindness, my determination, my smartness, and my creativity.



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