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Hardcast Studios 
    1. Vanguard (Comic Book/Animated Series)- a government employed superhero team defending the Earth against a variety of threats while struggling with their personal lives and coping with their use of extreme force to ensure they do not become evil.
    2. Combatants of the Century (Animated Series)- a group of superpowered teenage martial artists who had each gained their powers from a martial arts master in return for saving him. They train in martial arts within a massive interdimensional dojo and protect Earth against an evil rival school/empire from Omaria. Omaria  tries to take the dojo’s massive supply of chi and take over the world while the Combatants learn to gain enlightenment throughout all parts of their lives.
    3. Star Patrol (Animated Series)- a squad of police officers patrolling the fictional city of Horizon City in the year 10,000 AD, particularly from a mobster who is a brain in a robot body while trying to keep their humbleness in the face of their celebrity status and massive sums of money.
    4. Legionaries (Animated Series)- a team of superheroes that were forced into continuing their job illegally along with the rest of the superhero community when a government peacekeeping organization started coercing superheroes to register and work in their superhero organization. The team fights crime while facing the pressures of restraining their powers to ensure they prove that superhumans would not abuse their powers.
    5. Kaldar and the Devastators (Animated Series)- a barbarian prince in an alternate dimension fusing magic with science  who protects his kingdom of Shinevale from various forces of evil with the aid of his barbarian siblings while helping his servants and proving his ability to succeed his parents as ruler of Shinevale to them.
    6. Team Nutrogen (Animated Series)- a team of humans in the year 4,000 AD using piloting robots and using weapons and vehicles of various functions to fight evil throughout the galaxy for an alliance of galaxy leaders while trying to figure out their origin unaware of the fact that the leaders want to sacrifice them for aliens threatening to destroy the Earth.
    7. A.U.T.O. (Animated Series)- a military armada in the year 2050 using a variety of vehicles and robots and weapons to fight an evil terrorist organization representing an evil alien empire in the aftermath of an intergalactic war. The team also faces pressure from their source of power called the Autofactor which slowly drains them of their sanity and control, leaving their superiors trying to find a cure. 
    8. Gigagators (Animated Series)- a group of genetically engineered alligators that lost their home and creator to a group of terrorists and are now fighting to  save their creator with the help of a superhuman commando who trains them in martial arts and combat warfare.
    9. Metaforce (Comic Book/Animated Series)- a funny story about a group of seven super powered teenagers who were created with the Metafactor and found and raised as superhero celebrities by a struggling millionaire scientist named Dr. James Savage. He raised them to be heroes in the hope of finding his lost family while bonding with the teenagers.
    10. Road Rage (Video Game)- an annual and illegal tournament held by a mafia head that promises the winner $100,000,000 of illicit cash. 
    11. Xtreme Assault (Video Game)- a martial arts tournament where a government taskforce tries to stop the promoter, an evil criminal kingpin with superhuman powers, from taking over the world after a compromise to save the UN leaders.
    12. Warzone (Video Game)- a collection of various fictional and real-life military conflicts through the eyes of a fictional individual.
    13. Battleforce (Video Game)- a team of vigilante fugitives who commit violence on corrupt public figures and criminals who set out to assassinate a sociopathic general who wants to start World War III for the evil coming from it.
    14. King of Asgard (Video Game)- a Viking named Agnar who is adopted by Norse gods as a baby and raised by them tries to prevent Loki from causing Ragnarok.
  1. Pinatrix
    1. Breedlings (Comic Book Franchise)- a taskforce of superheroes who are certain superhuman breeds of humans working to patrol the country for activity related to superhuman breeds. The incident that results in their formation is the destruction of San Francisco at the hand of a superhuman mafia boss that each member has suffered from. 
    2. Chief Safeguard (Comic Book Franchise)- an optimistic police officer coping with the LFPD’s corruption that gained superpowers from blasts from a machine called the Acceleration Matrix. He was assigned to the LFPD’s superhuman unit where he leads the team and finds that they are not corrupt. He works with the team to try and improve the police force.
    3. Exodus (Comic Book Franchise)- A team of superheroes from another dimension that defends this Earth while helping their own recover from a destructive catastrophe. 
    4. Cosmosquad (Comic Book Franchise)- A team of superheroes banded together to protect the Earth from superhuman gangs given powers by a cosmic chemical called Cosmogen. They are led by a corporate executive. (Cosmosquad)
    5. Young Armada (Comic Book Frandhise)- A team of teenage superheroes who operate from a school for superheroes. Their leader is Chief Safeguard’s sidekick, who used to be a psychologically and emotionally unstable delinquent (Major Vanguard) with a dark past before Safeguard helped him tread a better path in life. 
    6. Reinforcements (Comic Book Franchise)- a team up of Chief Safeguard, Lady Power, Chronoman, Mare, Thahabi, and Sonar Man.
    7. Thahabi (Comic Book Franchise)- a mortal who was raised by Arabic gods and given the powers of fire. He becomes a superhero to stop an evil genie with the help of his guardian, a good natured genie.
    8. Lady Power (Comic Book Franchise)- a warrior goddess from a race of gods who protect the innocent from evil. She comes to Earth to ensure her people survive after the planet was destroyed and most her race died.
    9. Mare (Comic Book Franchise)- a woman who finds out she is a human/mare hybrid and able to travel into a world called Dreamworld by sleeping. She tries to fight her evil father by being a superhero and preventing him from using her in his plan to absorb the world into Dreamworld.
    10. Sonar Man (Comic Book Franchise)- a bumbling, goofy family man who runs a massive science company. He got caught in a freak accident when an experiment involving sonic energy went wrong. He gets sonic based powers and the ability to create things out of sonic energy. He becomes a superhero to earn the respect of his kids but realizes what it means to be a hero.
    11. Chronoman (Comic Book Franchise)- a newspaper reporter that gets a mask of energy that allows him to travel through time. The mask chooses him to become a member of the time-traveling peacekeepers called the Chronocorps. He reluctantly accepts so he can get recognition on Earth, but realizes that his actions make a difference.
  2. Atrex Pictures
    1. Quantum Zone (Live Action Movie)- a corner of the universe far more technologically advanced and biologically diverse than the Milky Way where a team of peacekeepers fight to retain order in the world and prevent an sentient virus from escaping to the rest of the universe. 
    2. The Last Enforcer (Live Action Movie)- a mercenary working in a crime ridden city for a millionaire corporate executive who promises to improve the city’s lifestyle when he plans to betray him and destroy the city. 
    3. Metacop (Live Action Movie) a policeman who was mutated by a vat of altered nuclear waste that gave him superhuman powers and a hideous face. He uses his powers to get revenge on the criminal kingpin who mutated him.
    4. The Voyagers (Live Action Movie)- a team of explorers who travel through various dimensions and get lost in a hostile dimension. They try to escape the dimension and return home. 
  3. Atrex Feature Animation
    1. Davit (Animated Movie)- a poor family boy in ancient Armenia who went to a gathering of rich, skilled, and famous men with the help of an angel to win the heart of the princess and ends up on a quest with the princess and the angel to stop a demon from destroying the kingdom while learning to overcome his troubling history of an old mistake that left his family poor and his grandparents killed. 
    2. Metal Ages (Animated Movie)- a homeless, amnesiac teenage boy meets the resistance against a giant empire spanning galaxies taken over by an evil tyrant. He resolves to join the resistance after he is saved by them for possessing a blessing from the empire’s gods giving him superhuman powers. Though the blessing has not taken effect yet, the boy joins the resistance as the only one who can stop the tyrant, later discovering he was the prince of the empire and that his family was killed in the tyrant’s coup and his memories were erased because he knew then that he had the blessing from the empire’s gods and had to stop the tyrant. 
    3. The Underdog and the Amazon (Animated Movie)- a young adult boy and his bratty male cousin make a deal to go on an adventure so the adult boy can win the heart of a young adult warrior princess. The princess is initially rejecting of the boy, having been faced with rude fiancés in the past and not believing in the strength of other people outside of her advanced alien warrior race. One day, after the boy fails to impress the princess and she beats him, symbiotic aliens controlled by the evil former king of her species consume everyone in her throne room. But the boy and his cousin save the princess and they go on a quest to liberate the planet from the evil former king while the princess bonds with the boy and learns to believe in his strength.
    4. The Big Cheese (Animated Movie)- a lazy, gluttonous, and benevolent college bear living in a city of anthropomorphic animal people who befriends a smart-aleck squirrel and goes on a mission with the squirrel to find a lost treasure in Asia to sell for millions. Along the way, bond with each other, realize that the treasure has dangerous powers, and try to stop an evil, struggling Hollywood executive from taking it and unknowingly unleashing its powers on the world.
    5. Halls of Heroes (Animated Movie)- four troubled teenage friends looking for a better life outside the streets find an alien spaceship. The spaceship contains a virtual reality attraction that sends attendees to an artificial dimension with several pocket dimensions inside that the attendees have to fight through. Each pocket dimension is based on an action-adventure subgenre and the obstacles and enemies there prove to be deadly, and now the teenagers must fight their way out of the attraction while they learn to value the strength to go through hardship. 
    6. South of the Border (Animated Movie)- a young Mexican woman living near the border between Mexico and the US who illegally goes to America in disguise with an underdog chubacabra to find a supernatural cure for her father’s illness. She meets a legal Mexican resident of the US who is the heir to a corporation and tries to persuade him to help her while she bonds with him.
  4. Topfilm
    1. Tobora (Live Action Movie)- after aliens invade Earth, they send their giant monster god to help them in conquering the planet. However, the monster is a kind and loving god who sympathizes with humanity and turns on the aliens’ leader, dividing the aliens into two factions; one supporting the monster god and humanity, and another representing the alien leader.
    2. The Cryptic Zoo (Live Action Movie)- a businessman rounds up various cyptid animals using his advanced tracking technology and puts them in his public zoo. The animals escape and rampage throughout San Diego, and the city is placed in lockdown by the military to contain the attack. The businessman tries to help his family survive and help the military contain the animals. 
  5. Streamline Animation Studios
    1. Fighters vs Superheroes (Animated Movie)- a group of martial artists and a group of superheroes are turned on each other by their enemies after they seemingly defeat their enemies when they survive to turn the heroes against each other. 
    2. Monster Buster (Animated Movie)- a teenager who hunts evil monsters after one of them destroyed his and his family’s home who tries to find a new home for his family and himself.
    3. Top Cop (Animated Movie)- a bumbling cop and his band of dim witted but strong and masculine teammates fighting crime under the guidance of a female commander who struggles with their incompetence.
    4. Cretaceous (Animated Movie)- a group of intelligent dinosaurs performing in a park who set free a dinosaur that was locked up for damage he didn’t do to the park and try to prove his innocence while hiding him from the park’s security.
    5. Outlaw Jerkey (Animated Movie)- an outlaw who fights against corrupt sheriffs who has never found true love except for a possible contender in the daughter of a Western city mayor.
  6. Maximatrix Network 
    1. Fords and Halos (Animated Series)- two families competing with each other in a sometimes-friendly rivalry to promote their corporations.
    2. Grim Gang (Animated Series)- a group of children living in a town called Grimmsburg that has a portal to the underworld to which they frequently go to. 
    3. Split Sim (Animated Series)- a mild-mannered teenage boy in the fictional city of Doom City, New Jersey who was one of the city’s many victims of sociopathic evildoers. He gradually developed a chaotic and insane personality named Sim who first appeared when thugs tried to burn his home and his parents. Since then, he has been using the identity to help defend himself, his family, and friends from the evildoers while dealing with Sim’s destructive nature.
    4. Botropolis (Animated Series)- a family of robots ruling over a city of robots living crazy adventures while dealing with the pressures of being a monarchy. 
    5. Comic Cary (Live Action Series)- a teenage boy who goes into various comic book-inspired virtual reality dimensions in his spare time while working at his dad’s comic shop.
    6. Track School (Animated Series)- a race car driver who is sent to a crazy traffic school teaching how to race and drive safely after an accident where he caused a huge sum of property damage to the city.
    7. Eliminators (Animated Series)- a team of police officers working for a covert operations unit called the Special Alliance of Guardian Armadas (SAGA).
    8. Ultracom (Animated Series)- a team of cyborgs who were created by a galactic government called the Milky Way Allegiance who uses a variety of weapons and martial arts and transfer their minds into compatible robots to enforce the government’s law. 
    9. Stormguards (Animated Series)- a band of warrior who protect a magical mountain kingdom called Stormerus from various demons escaping from inside the mountain.
    10. Metalfreaks (Animated Series)- a band of rockstars living crazy lives while dealing with the pressures of being rockstars.
    11. Cadet X (Animated Series)- a college graduate who was sent to boot camp to train to become a soldier while making new friends and enemies.  
    12. Sport Battle (Animated Series)- a high school student hoping to transition from nerd to sports star by entering a dangerous sporting tournament with hazardous, more dangerous equipment and less rules in order. 
    13. Extreme Hour (Animated Series)- two police academy student boys who go on crazy adventures with a girlfriend they’re fighting each other for and a crazy but benevolent Triad successor.
      1. Stormtoons
        1. Battlezone X (Animated Series)- a group of warriors recruited by a space god to fight in an intergalactic tournament for the freedom of Earth from his brother who runs the tournament. 
        2. Operation Relic (Animated Series)- a team of explorers who protect the world by collecting various alien technologies and supernatural artifacts located across the world and the galaxy. They keep them from villains who would use them to rule the world. 
        3. The Shinobis (Animated Series)- a family of ninjas protecting the city of New Hopewell while living their dysfunctional life as a family and running their clan. 
    14. Tommy Hex (Animated Series)- a teenager who learns magic from his parents in secret while making friends outside his parents’ school without telling them and having dysfunctional adventures with his friends on both sides.
    15. Fort Fury (Animated Series)- a lazy but talented teenage secret agent who tries to keep his job a secret from his parents.
    16. Backyard Wrestling Academy (Animated Series)- a crazy, teenage pro wrestler in training who seeks to become a professional wrestler with the help of his friends and mentors in his backyard while going through crazy adventures.
    17. The Commanders (Animated Series)- a family who rules the world with their family man’s government system of Civilism where the people and the government work together to govern their people the way they are in democracy.
    18. The Mad Adventures of Dr. Philly (Animated Series)- a 10 year old mad scientist named Philly living in a dysfunctional city named Newtonberg with his alien friend Zebork, who gave him the technology for his lab. He creates many crazy inventions which, because he doesn’t know what can happen with the technology he works with and what he plans to do, get him and others into trouble. 
  7. Atrex Television Animation 
    1. Zoostars (Animated Series)- a lion named Larry Lion living with his mom for years until his brother invites him to compete in a reality show contest in his place for $1,000,000.
  8. Polygonix Entertainment
    1. The Ultimate Hero (Video Game)- an interdimensional tournament where the multiverse’s greatest hero teams fight for the title of mightiest hero group in the multiverse that is being sabotaged by their evil enemies to their advantage. 
    2. Dropdown (Video Game)- a peaceforce of violent, merciless enforcers who work for a peaceful family who rule a now united nation that spans the world. The taskforce tries to enforce peace in extremely violent ways and is called upon to stop a global takeover by an evil corporation. 
    3. Prince Paladin (Video Game)- a vigilante prince in a magical world where his parents rule a large empire and do not know about their son’s capers.
    4. Haywire (Video Game)- a squad of giant robots that were sent from an alien planet to conquer Earth for them, but went haywire and now randomly destroy the Earth.
    5. Wrecking Wheels (Video Game)- a demolition derby tournament where the contestants fight each other and destroy everything in their path and run over everything and everyone in order to gain enough points to win.
    6. Black Friday (Video Game)- a police academy dropout who is recruited into the NYPD and assigned to investigate arms trafficking and murders being linked to a presumably dead criminal kingpin and his struggling empire.
    7. American Warrior (Video Game)- an American martial artist who moves to Japan and trains with a master of fictional powerful martial arts in secret from his clan. When the master’s clan finds out he is training the American martial artist, he is taken to be tortured for training a westerner in his clan’s secret arts. The American sets out to save him while overcoming prejudice from rivals of his master’s clan as well as the clan itself.
  9. Stravmer Entertainment
    1. War Man (Toyline/Animated Series)- a teenager who discovers that he has superhuman abilities and is recruited by his father into a peacekeeping force which his father leads to learn how to be a superhero with a team of new teenage superheroes while teaming up with other high profile superheroes.
    2. Omegafield (Toyline/Animated Series)- a team of superhuman soldiers and factions fighting each other for a sentient relic of power that will give the winner their greatest wish, whether they are aware of it or not.
    3. Alveras (Toyline/Animated Series)- a team of pilots controlling a sentient giant robot while dealing with the giant robot’s unconventional personality and methods.
    4. Macho Cook (Toyline)- a cooking toy with real food ingredients packaged that is based on various action-adventure subgenres and features foods prominent with each subgenre.
    5. Dreamportal (Toyline)- a TV video game system with fully 3D graphics with games based on licensed properties. One version displays screens in stereoscopic 3D and another uses up to a maximum of ten “character discs” to play as a certain characters the discs represent. The games have various gameplay modes, in-game and FMV cutscenes, and voice-acting from actors who played them in animated or video game versions of the properties’ characters. 
    6. Battle Girls (Toyline)- an girls’ action figure where figures’ clothes, weapons, and accessories can be customized in many ways. The toyline also features playsets, role-play accessories, and vehicles and the characters, clothes, figure accessories, playsets, vehicles, and role-play accessories are based on various action-adventure subgenres.
The licensed stuff is as follows:


1. Universe-wide reboots of the Marvel and DC Universes.
2. Comics based on all of the 80s properties and other non-comic-based action cartoons on this list with their own continuity and content. 


1. The Marvel Media Universe (a universe of darker and edgier Marvel animation, games, and comics taking queues from the MCU and my reboot of the MCU.)
a. Avengers Initiative
b. X-Men Children of the Atom
c. Web of Spider-Man
d. Fantastic 4
e. New Warriors
f.  Guardians of the Galaxy: Infinite
g. Inhumans Terrigenesis

2. Marvel Shorts (comedy shorts featuring Marvel characters)
  1. New X-Men (a Randy Cunningham-like series of shorts with chibi expressions based on the New X-Men Academy X comic)
  2. Capers of the Cat (fanservice-y shorts starring Black Cat)
  3. Everyday Avengers (comedic shorts featuring the Avengers in their same models as Avengers Initiative)
  4. Franklin and Val: Children of a Genius (Calvin and Hobbes-like adventures of Franklin and Valeria Richards)
  5. Inhumanity (a sitcom featuring the Inhuman Royal Family)
  6. Tales of the Guardians (shorts featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy in comedic adventures in space)
  7. Dinosaur Time (a Pen Ward-style series involving Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur)
  8. Impossibility (a Butch Hartman-looking comedy starring the Impossible Man)
3. DC Media Universe (a universe of comparatively lighter DC animation, games, and comics taking queues from the DCCU and my reboot of it.)
a. Justice League: World's Greatest Heroes
b. Batman: The Dark Knight
c. Superman The Man of Steel
d. Green Lantern Emerald Enforcer
c. Teen Titans New Breed of Justice
d. Outsiders 

4. Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye (a darker and edgier show based on the IDW continuity with queues from the movies)

5. GI Joe Real American Heroes (the GI Joe equivalent of TF: MTMTE)

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the TMNT version of Real American Heroes and More Than Meets the Eye)

7. Voltron: Defender of the Universe (a reboot featuring queues from the Devil's Due comic but not based on the comics)

8. Thundercats (a reboot with a more American art style and queues from the Wildstorm continuity)

9. M.A.S.K. (a reboot in the style of TMNT2003)

10. C.O.P.S. (a CGI reboot with a realistic style)

11. Masters of the Universe (a reboot with queues from the DC Comic)

12. Reboots of Silverhawks, Starcom, Street Sharks, and Exosquad.

13. Reboots of Robotech and Battle of the Planets with based on their early 2000s comics. 

14. An adaption of the Battleship movie called Battleship Animated.

15. Adaptions of Robocop and Godzilla that would take content from the comics and movies.

16. Tekken: Bloodline Uprising (a series taking place when Jin Kazama's in Heihachi's school)

17. A sequel series to Max Steel 2013 called Max Steel: Turbo Force

18. A reimagining of Action Man.

19. Reboots of Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Josie and the Pussycats, Quick Draw McGraw, Atom Ant, Huck Hound, Tom and Jerry, The Flinstones, The Jetsons, Yogi Bear, and Hong Kong Phooey that are honest to the source material and not cliched. 

  1. DC Shorts (new comedy shorts involving DC characters)
a. Harley-Mania (a comedic show with a little bit of fan service starring Harley Quinn)
b. Titans Forever (a comedic show in a different style than the 2003 Teen Titans show).
c. Justice League of Bloopers (bloopers for nonexisting episodes of Justice League: World’s Greatest Heroes)
d. Lois and Clark (a romantic comedy about Clark Kent and Lois Lane)
e. Batman ’66 (a parody of the campy Batman show of the 60s.)
f. Kilowog (a show starring Kilowog involving him going through different comedic struggles in his life in and out of battle.)
g. Outside Antics (the Outsiders going on comedic situations outside of crimefighting)

  1. Image Media Universe (a universe of shows involving Image Comics characters and adapting iconic and notable stories.)
a. Youngblood Next Generation of Heroes (an AEMH-like show based on the early Youngblood comics with many adapted storylines and much improvement over them.)
b. Spawn Animated 
c. Savage Dragon (Reboot)
d. Claws of the WildC.A.T.s
e. Invincible

  1. Image Shorts (comedy shorts starring Image characters)
a. Fairchild! (a fanservice-y series starring Caitlin Fairchild)
b. The Adventures of Sam and Twitch (a black comedy police thriller starring Sam and Twitch.)
c. The Badrock Show (focusing on the comedic situations of Badrock’s celebrity life.)
d. Teen Team (starring chibi versions of Invincible and the original Teen Team)

  1. Cartoons based on Mario and Sonic that take liberties with their source material and use content from all over each franchise’s universe.
  2. Sequels to Megas XLR and Motorcity.
  3. Sequels to Disney’s Hercules and Mulan.
  4. Sequels for Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and How to Train Your Dragon.
  5. Reboots of Dexter’s Laboratory and Johnny Bravo. The Dexter’s Lab reboot would be an updated version of seasons 1-2 and the Johnny Bravo reboot would be that for its second and third seasons.
  6. An animated Star Trek show based on the recent movies.

Video Games:
  1. True Crime Streets of Chicago (a True Crime sequel set in Chicago)
  2. Avengers Allegiance (a Marvel Ultimate Alliance-style game where you play as the Avengers.)
  3. Transformers Invasion from Cybertron (a game with the gameplay of the first two Transformers movie games in an open world. The story features the Reapers creating mindless Transformers and setting Cybertron as their home base. They invade the Earth with them and the Autobots and Decepticons must unite against them.)
  4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Into Dimension X (a game with the gameplay of TMNT Out of the Shadows. The story involves the Turtles coming into Dimension X to save April O’Neil while Shredder and the Foot Clan follow them in.)
  5. Justice League of America (an open-world game where you play as each member of the Justice League and switch members any time you want.)
  6. GI Joe Cobra Civil War (a third person shooter where you control vehicles in large levels in an original version of the Cobra Civil War storyline)
  7. Voltron: Defender in the Stars (a game where you play as the Voltron pilots, in and out of their lions, and Voltron. The story is a series of separate scenarios connected by the fact that the Drules are preparing to make a prophecy come true, like continuity in a modern-day action cartoon.)
  8. Spider-Man: The Avengers Initiation (an open-world Spider-Man game where Spidey joins the Avengers and has to prove himself worthy of staying on the team.)
  9. Battletoads (a gory, black comedy reboot of the classic game.)
  10. MCU reboot (a darker and edgier reboot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with all of the major characters. Each film features many cameos of other heroes and villains.)

a. The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (explains the origins of each member of the Avengers and how they got together, eliminating solo origin movies)
b. Uncanny X-Men (based on the Ultimate X-Men comics)
c. The Spectacular Spider-Man
d. The Fantastic Four
e. New Warriors (based on the original comics series.)
f. Guardians of the Galaxy (updated roster includes Adam Warlock and Phyla-Vell. One of the only comedic movies in this universe.)
g. Captain America (involves Captai n America fighting Baron Zemo, who took over H.Y.D.R.A.)
h. The Hulk (based on the Gamma World storyline from AEMH)
i. The Invincible Iron Man (featuring a Russian counterpart of H.Y.D.R.A. called C.O.M.E.T.)
j. The Mighty Thor (featuring Malekith and the Dark Elves as the main enemies.)
k. Inhumans (Reboot)
l. Wolverine (Reboot)
m. New X-Men (based on the New X-Men Academy X comic)
n. X-Force (based on the 2008 X-Force comic)
o. Reboots of Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, and Daredevil.
p. Defenders (featuring Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and the Silver Surfer)
q. The Incredible Hercules 
r. Deadpool (Reboot)

  1. DCCU Reboot (a comparatively softer DC Cinematic Universe reboot that also features many cameos)
a. Justice League of America
b. Green Lantern (Reboot)
c. Beware the Batman (reboot of the Batman movies)
d. Superman: Man of Steel
e. Wonder Woman (Reboot)
f. The Flash (Reboot)
g. Outsiders (Based on the Original Team)
h. Aquaman (Reboot)
i. Movies based on Green Arrow, Captain Atom, Deathstroke, Firestorm, Hawkman, and Vixen.
j. Reboots of Shazam and Suicide Squad.

  1. Reboots of the GI Joe, Transformers, and TMNT movies with honesty to the original series, the recent comics, and my cartoons for them. I have versions of this for Voltron, Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, M.A.S.K., C.O.P.S., Silverhawks, Starcom, Battle of the Planets, Action Man, Street Sharks, Exosquad, Robotech, and Gobots.
  2. A cartoon reboot of Gobots.
  3. Reboots of the Battleship and Robocop movies.
  4. Remakes of Godzilla, King Kong, The Last Starfighter, Conan, The Beastmaster, The Exterminator, Carnosaur, The Car, and Bloodsport.
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PHangman Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
i got to be honest with you, i can't read it all now Wink/Razz , but with all those ideas you can't do no wrong.

seriously, some of those could make big money nowadays, if that's what you want.
RobertMisirian Featured By Owner Edited Jul 13, 2015  Student Filmographer
Is Vanguard one of those that can make big money these days? Nommy smile 

Also, which ones in particular could be cash cows?
PHangman Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Most of those ideas could be. I mean, sci-fi and superheroes always sell big time well there's an extra twist there ;)

But let me see... Vanguard, yes, has big potential. the 'unknown origin' idea of Team Nutrogen could make exciting plots. Warzone sounds really interesting.

I also like Lady Power for the potential female protagonist, and the plot itself :D (Big Grin)
But i definitely think that Quantum Zone can be a best seller; you know that people loves this apocalyptic settings.

South of the Border is quite unusual, but you could do a really deep comedy/drama with that one.

I also like Grim Gang! The Commanders is big stuff in terms of setting.

But seriously, pick an idea and with some good work on it you're in the game. I've never seen this level of devotion for original ideas. You should teach xD
RobertMisirian Featured By Owner Edited Jul 13, 2015  Student Filmographer
Wow. I feel honored hearing that. I'm already working on the outline and script for the Vanguard Test. I'll start a new thread when its done and get recruiting from there. Wish me luck and spread the word, please. :happy: 
PHangman Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
don't know how but i guess i will Wink/Razz but hey, have fun!
RobertMisirian Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Student Filmographer
Many thanks! :D
StormWhiskers Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I like your original ideas best. Particularly the stuff for Hardcast Studios  and Streamline Animation Studios.

You should start writing up some scripts if you haven't already. There are probably quite a few artists out there who would like to collaborate with you on some of these ideas as comics.
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